I'm a developer well-versed in JavaScript and React with experience across the full stack. Aside from working on projects of my own, most recently I've been developing a global HCM web application with Lifion by ADP over the course of a year and a half. In early 2018 I completed the Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy of Code, a pivot from my former career in the arts. My interests include data organization and visualization, crafting good tests, and exploring front-end design.

Core Competencies

  • JavaScript

  • Node

  • PostgreSQL

  • Sequelize

  • HTML & CSS

  • React

  • Redux

  • Express

  • Webpack

  • Git

Things I've Built

Thumbnail of the Daytripper app main screen, a blue map with a right-sidebar overlaid.


An interactive map-based web application for planning travel, recording itineraries, and exploring the world. Built with Node, Express, Mapbox GL, Postgres/Sequelize, and React.

Thumbnail of the Potluck app ledger view, displaying line items with icons representing trades between users.


A mobile-first web app for reducing food waste on a local scale through bartering via smart contracts and blockchain technology. Developed with Node, Solidity, Express, Web3, Postgres/Sequelize, and React-Redux.

Thumbnail of Rocket Ready gameplay, with a user sprite, power gems, enemy slimes, and a rocket ship.

Rocket Ready

A fast and fun in-browser platformer game created during a four-day hackathon using Phaser.io, Node.js, Express, HTML and CSS.