Who I am

I am a software developer currently working in New York City. For the past year I have been developing a web application for human capital management at Lifion by ADP. In 2018 I completed the Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy of Code, a transition from my former career in the arts. My interests include data organization & visualization, crafting good tests, and front-end design.

I transitioned from a profession in glassblowing into programming because I realized the time had come for me to pursue my interest in code. This was a shift that allowed me to continue to be a collaborative maker, to participate more fully in the ways the world is changing, and to have a greater impact on issues and industries I care about.

I relish learning new languages & frameworks and being a part of a team!


I occasionally like to collect my thoughts and learnings on Medium - take a look:

The Exercise That Set Me In Motion: Base Conversion

An early experience tackling the creation of a base conversion method in Ruby

Testing is Tops: Writing Tests for React Apps with Enzyme

An intro to front-end testing of apps created with React using Enzyme, Mocha, Chai & Sinon



An app for reducing food waste on a local scale through bartering via Solidity smart contracts and blockchain technology. Users can list unwanted food items that still have remaining life in their "pantry" and request to trade with other users. Once two parties agree to a trade, they exchange items and then confirm in the app that the trade took place at which point they receive "Potluck Points" that attest to their reliability.

Built with Solidity, Node.js, Express, Web3, Postgres, Sequelize, React-Redux, HTML & CSS.

Rocket Ready

Our rocket needs power gems to launch! Collect the gems using the arrow keys and bring them to the spaceship. Watch out for monsters... This project was created during a four-day hackathon using Phaser.io, Node.js, Express, HTML, CSS and Google Fonts.


  • JavaScript

  • Node

  • PostgreSQL

  • Sequelize

  • React

  • Redux

  • Express

  • Git